Building in Give-Back from the Start!

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Building in Give-Back from the Start!

Super excited to be going to Regent Park's Sunday in the Park event today - we'll be selling a broad selection of products you've seen on our site. You'll be able to look at them up close before deciding to buy.

​You might like them because they are uniquely-designed, Canadian-made, and handmade. You might like that the handbags, wallets, totes and organizers are upcycled from fabrics that were previously enjoyed. We hope you'll like them for another reason: the reason we created DZYN in the first place.

​We have a social mission. ​It's our hope to eliminate the poverty we see every day. We volunteer our time for causes, and we're proud to do it. We're most excited about how we built our business. A portion of our profit gets donated to charities that fight hunger, homelessness, or illiteracy - because if someone has shelter, good food, and knows how to read, escaping poverty is much more possible.

​So when you make your purchase, remember, you're fighting poverty. Our target organization for this event's donation is the Yonge Street Mission. Please help us help.

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